Point Systemv1.1- Adults Only

WARNING!! This page contains material that may offend some viewers. Read further at your own discretion.

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Convention Organisers
-10 if you embezzle convention funds
-15 if you get caught
-20 if you threaten to sue anybody who knows

Game Masters
+5 for sleeping with players so they get awards
+10 for sleeping with players and giving the awards to someone else (it's a twisted kind of integrity...)
-10 if the convention organisers find out that you have been sleeping with the players so they get awards

Game Players
+5 for sleeping with convention organisers/designers/game masters
+10 for doing so during session time at the venue
+5 for being considered sexually desirable
+15 for being sexually desirable and a proven female
+0 for being considered vaguely kinky (it's so passé)
-10 if you wear a revealing corset when you really shouldn't
-15 if you cause psychological damage due to the revealing clothing that you wear

-10 if you are only "bi" because you can't afford to refuse *any* offers
-20 if you play nude twister with other roleplayers
-50 if you happen to be the "phantom crapper" (you know who you are...)

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