Point Systemv1.1
  1. After each roleplaying event points gained are calculated by adding up all the relevant modifiers.
  2. Add points for each event in a year together.
  3. Total points are equal to total for the current year plus the total* for each previous year.
(*After 2 years a year's points decrease by 10% per year thereafter.)

Convention Organisers
20 for organising a RPG convention
30 for inventing a new RPG convention
+1 per 5 people registered for the convention
+10 for scheduling (but only if you take credit)
+5 for recruiting games for the convention
+10 for doing the entry form
+2 for doing the web site
+2 for working in the canteen
+2 for doing the handbook
+5 for advertising your convention at other conventions (also see next point!)
+2 ... for being really annoying when doing so
+2 for organising games sponsorship
+3 for organising sponsorship with QANTAS
+5 for organising games sponsorship with a games company
+10 for organising a convention about conventions
-5 if the entry forms are not distributed by the convention before yours
-5 if you berate designers for the quality of their games or blurbs
-5 if you have a falling out with other convention organisers
-5 if you bitch slap another convention organiser
-10 if your canteen is "substandard" (for whatever silly reason)
-10 if your special guest fails to turn up
-20 if you made a huge fuss out of your special guest in the first place
-20 if nobody from the host city turns up to your convention
-30 if you cancel a convention at short notice

Game Designers
5 for designing a convention game
+1 per 5 players of the game over the whole convention
+5 for writing a Tryptic/Short Sharp Shock
+5 for winning a "new designer" or Inter-Varsity Challenge award
+10 for having an RPG book published
+20 for having a number of RPG books published
+15 for being a part of the Cthulhu Conglomerate
+20 for being a part of the Sydney Freeform Workshop
+30 for helping to invent systemless gaming
-10 if you pull your game
-15 if you pull your game in the week before the convention
-20 if somebody else pulls together a game to replace the game that you pulled in the week before the convention
-30 if you have your game not run by not turning up to the convention and not informing the organisers (not that anyone's bitter)
-5 if your game is panned by "critics"
-5 if you roll dice to give out awards during prize giving ceremony
-5 if your game is sponsored by RPGA

Game Masters (not including the game designer)
+1 per session you run at a convention
+2 per session you run of a freeform at a convention
-1 per session of a crap game that you run at a convention

Game Players
1 for attending a convention/freeform campaign
+1 per award you win
+2 for your team wining 3+ awards
+5 for clever team names (in popular opinion, not your own)
+5 for your team having the same members and name for 3+ conventions in a year
+3 for good costumes in freeforms
+5 for having played in the infamous "Midnight-to-Dawn" con games
-15 if you forgot why the "Midnight-to-Dawn" games were stopped in the first place
-2 if you have disputes with convention organisers
-5 if you have major disputes with convention organisers
-5 if you whine pointlessly about the lack of (X) at the canteen
-5 if you turned up to 50% or more "Shadowkin" sessions
-10 if you still play "Shadowkin" in Canberra
-20 if you wish that "Shadowkin" was still running in Sydney, 'cause your character was soooo cool

10 for creating a freeform campaign
+5 per session of a freeform campaign you help organise
+10 for writing a freeform played by over 50% of a convention's players
+5 for writing a game designed to help you look at bare chested men
-5 if your plots are hastily hand written notes
-5 if you disappear with plots for the session
-15 if your plots are stolen by players, and the game is better for it
-20 if you were ever involved in "Sydney by Night 2" (sequels are always worse than the original)

Home City
+10 for living in "creative" Melbourne
+5 for living in "bitchy" Sydney
+5 for living in "old gamers' home" Canberra
-1 if you live in "that's not a real city!" Adelaide
-5 if you live in "GongCon !?" Wollongong
-10 if you live anywhere else in NSW
-10 if you live in "pointless" Queensland
-20 if you live in "who?" Western Australia

University Club/RPG Club
1 for being a club member (but see below)
2 for being a member of MURPS
1 for being a member of MURP, NUGS, SUTEKH
0 for being a member of UNSW Gamers...
-5 ... if you call yourself a member of "Club Smed"
+3 for being a committee member
+5 for being a "committee member for life" in SUTEKH
-5 if you are a committee member that doesn't do any work

aus.games.roleplay (agr)
+1 for being a regular contributor to the newsgroup
+3 for being a "dinosaur"
+5 for leaving agr before the people who currently call themselves "dinosaurs" joined
+5 for being a contributor to the agr FAQ compiled in 1996 for being a "dinosaur"
+1 for being a contributor to the agr FAQ compiled in 1999
+5 for being a reader/contributor since 1996
+10 for being a reader/contributor when agr was a mailing list
-5 if you post anonymously through DejaNews
-10 if your identity is obvious regardless
-10 if you don't attend a convention because you can hear the bitching on agr
-10 if you post ridiculous reviews to agr after a convention
-15 if you post ridiculous reviews whilst drunk on vodka

+1 for producing an important RPG web site
+1 for corrupting bringing new people to the roleplaying movement
+1 for turning up to the after convention function
+5 for going to the after-con venue but not the actual convention
+10 ... for being considered part of the con scene anyway
+5 for being known by a nick name
+10 for being known by a nick name because people can't remember or don't know your real name
+5 for legally changing your name to your role-playing nick name
+20 for inventing a term such as "freeform", "theatreform", "omniform", "SMoG", or "BNG"
+5 for complaining that those new card gamers were going to kill roleplaying
+10 for complaining that those new Fighting Fantasy game books were going to kill roleplaying
+1 for thinking of extra points modifiers -Click Here- or -Mail Here-
-5 if you are a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism
-10 if you refuse to be addressed by your embarrassing "real" name
-10 if you play more CCGs than RPGs
-15 if you are still "really into" Magic: the Gathering
-300 if you are a Secret Master of Gaming, your name shouldn't be that well-known!

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